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EUROVOLC: Volcano Dynamics Computational Centre

EUROVOLC is a Horizon 2020 INFRAIA (Integrating Activities for Starting Communities) project aimed at constructing an integrated and harmonized European volcanological community able to fully support, exploit and build-upon existing and emerging national and pan-European research infrastructures, including e-Infrastructures of the European Supersite volcanoes.

EUROVOLC Transnational Access (TA) and Virtual Access (VA) offer a wide portfolio of accesses to the volcanological community, managed by worldwide, top-level research teams.
TAs at INGV Pisa offer to applicants the opportunity to access cutting edge models and benefit from specific training and support by skilled researchers.
Through EUROVOLC VAs, computational resources will be made available through dedicated web accesses, and the users will be able to either run web computations or freely download application/source codes. Computational resources will be complemented by user manuals and/or reference to authors for additional requests or tutorage.
Access to the Volcano Dynamics Computational Centre (VDCC) at INGV-Pisa is of both types: TAs for the use of models of magma dynamics, lava flows and volcanic plumes, and VAs for models of magma ascents, pyroclastic flows and H2O-CO2 saturation in magmas.
The VDCC infrastructure is internationally renowned as a leader in the development of physical and mathematical models and numerical simulations of volcanic processes. The numerical resources made available are unique in their capability to solve a large variety of thermo-fluid dynamic processes characterizing magma and eruption dynamics from subsurface to the atmosphere.

EUROVOLC Virtual Accesses provided by the Volcano Dynamics Computational Centre:

Installation VDCC.3: Virtual Access Models (VAMod). This installation provides virtual access to three numerical codes sufficiently fast to be run interactively:

MAMMA – “Magma Ascent Mathematical Modelling and Analysis”. Steady model for magma ascent in a volcanic conduit (CIV webpage, GitHub webpage, VHUB webpage).
Please refer to the license file included in the package for the usage and distribution terms.

389 Download

SOLWCAD – Fortran code to compute the saturation surface of H2O-CO2 fluids in silicate melts of arbitrary composition (Papale et al., Chem. Geol. 229, 2006).
Please refer to the license file included in the package for the usage and distribution terms.
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578 Download

454 Download

PYBOX – A Python tool for simulating the kinematics of Pyroclastic density currents with the box-model approach.
Please refer to the license file included in the package for the usage and distribution terms.

386 Download

You can run SOLWCAD in three different ways:

1. Through the user-friendly web-based application (for any user);
2. By downloading the stand-alone code provided as an application file (for intermediate level users);
3. By downloading the source code provided as a FORTRAN77 subroutine (for expert users).

First read the quick manual provided with each one of the three above resources.